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Brought to you by the creators of 'BOBMOD' This re-released mod is packed full with over 90 customised co-operative missions, 6 different game types and modified weapons.

This Mod Requires Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder to play.

Maps Used

The Bridge
Thanh Lo Village
Mp Shinto
Xom Dong
Tuong Tri
December Winterland
Hidden Woods)
Tg1 Map
Militia Compound
Diamond Mine

Tv Station
The Farm
The Park
Dresslers Estate
Ap Trung Tunnels
Ski Slope
death valley


Game Types:

(coop) bobs RainRock
firefight - recruit 50, veteran 80, elite 110 tangos.

(coop) bobs Snow
firefight - recruit 50, veteran 80, elite 110 tangos.

(coop) bobs kaos job
mission - locate and interrogate the Warlord, Place demo charge at designated area, get to extraction zone.

(coop) bobs panik
mission - find and save the girl, reach extraction zone together.

(coop) bobs recon
reconnoitre - reach the central zone safely, 20 tango kills and the mission is over.

(coop) bobs T-Track
mission - eliminate the target and survive the fight to the extraction zone.

Full Mission List:

bobs Night Strike
bobs Ghost "Buster"
bobs Ocean Forge
bobs Beach Assault
bobs Back Breaker
bobs Back Breaker v2
bobs Ap Trung
bobs Campaign Of Terror
bobs Righteous Archer
bobs Stone Bell
bobs Watchful Yeoman
bobs Beach
bobs Bibop
bobs Black Day
bobs Blackhawk Down
bobs Cold Fingers
bobs d03 Cold Steam
bobs d04 Quiet Angel
bobs d05 Gamma Dawn
bobs d07 Subtle Keep
bobs d08 Torn Banner
bobs Hidden Spectre
bobs Intervention
bobs m01 Iron Dragon
bobs m05 Gold Mountain
bobs m06 Witch Fire
bobs m06 Witch Fire 2
bobs m09 Swamp
bobs m10 Fever Claw
bobs Outpost
bobs Passing Gas
bobs RM Xom Dong
bobs Risk Assessment
bobs Risk Taker
bobs Rumble In The Jungle
bobs Sniper And Spotters
bobs Snow Boom
bobs TV Station
bobs The Park
bobs Town Panik
bobs Lost Jungle
bobs m11 Dream Knife
busters Defend 190
bobs Vengence Day

bobs Warehouse Splash
busters MBC
busters Meat Grinder
busters Stronghold
busters Urban Brawl
busters Depot
busters Banner
busters Beach
busters Beach v.2
busters Challenge Urban Style
busters Challenge Urban Style v.2
busters Dead On Arrival
busters Desert Warfare
busters & Jareds Challenge
busters Liberty Storm
busters Rest In Peace
busters Sunken Road
busters Sunken Road 2
busters Tri Sun
busters White Razor
Prison From Hell
Killjorges Airbase v1.1
(New) Busters B & B Train Wreck
(New) Bank p()rters great escape v2 – Farm
(New) Bank p()rters great escape v3a - Village
(New) Bank p()rters great escape v4 –Warehouse
(New) Busters Ski Slope
(New) Reloaded Busters Subway
(New) Busters Cross Roads
(New) Busters Swamp
(New) Busters Valley of Death
(New) OG Ravine Revenge
(New) Busters Alamo
(New) OG Death Valley
(new) Busters Rattenkrieg
(new) Busters Refinery Rapp


Tweaked Missions.

Busters MBC FF - now has 2 refills on map (that can only be used once each), sniper in building glitch fixed, full team of "specialists" added headed up by ol "Lindy" to help at insert, 36 player capable mission.
BOBs Risk Taker - soldiers plans modified (changed to allow for more of a 'stealthy" approach to the farm).
BOBs Risk Asssessment - soldiers plans modified.
BOBs Beach Assault – crash glitch fixed.
BOBs Black Hawk Down - 36 player capable mission.
BOBs Ghost Buster - 36 player capable mission.
Busters Desert Warfare - 36 player capable mission & AI Backup actors glitch fixed.
Busters DOA - 36 player capable mission.
Busters & Jareds Challenge - 36 player capable mission.
Busters Ski Slope - 36 player capable mission & crash glitch fixed.


Tweaked Weapons.

M60 scoped - more ammo & tighter reticule.
MG3 scoped - more ammo & tighter reticule.
M249 scoped - more ammo & tighter reticule.
PKM scoped - more ammo & tighter reticule.
7.62 M4A1 / M203 - small amount of bullet mass added, more rounds & less recoil.
ROBAR - added ammo.
MP5K - muzzle flash & more ammo.
M4 - added bullet mass & sound.
FNFAL - added ammo & changed zoom from 5x to 6x.
DOAR – turned into a stealth weapon.
G3A3 - more ammo added.
M82A1A - significant amount of energy added to it.



Mission Scripters: Buster, Bank Porters, Old Skool, Winter, Killjorge, OG and Hydrocide.

Weapons: Silent Warriors  - SOTOPlasterV4

Skins: Female MP Players - SOTOPlasterV4






Mod History:

This Mod (TANGO GRINDA V1) has been brought to you by the members of 'HS Lounge Coop Ghost Recon Server' who some of them were formally known as the 'Bad Old Brothers Community'. This mod used to be called 'BOBMOD V2.0' but since then has been improved, developed and  renamed, we hope you enjoy.

Please Note:

 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is a trademark of Rubicon, Inc. under license to Ubi Soft Entertainment. Ghost Recon is
a trademark of Ubi Soft Entertainment. Installation and use of this modification, and its components is done so at your own risk.
Those that contributed to this mod will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to your system, or any of its components. This mod is not endorsed or made by Red Storm Entertainment or Ubi Soft Entertainment.
Do not contact them for support - contact us instead.

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