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 {HS} -Lounge Coop- Server Info

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PostSubject: {HS} -Lounge Coop- Server Info   Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:45 pm

Get all the mods required to play on {HS} -Lounge Coop- Ghost Recon Server here .


HX5 Red Sun


Delta Force 1990

Delta Force 3 (DF3) Sharpening Switchblade

Delta Force 4 (DF4) Burning Sands

BOB Mod V2.0


Frostbite 1.2 Get the patch>> Patch 1.3


Tango Grinda v1

HS Lounge Coop server is running Ghost Recon version 1.4

Elite mode play with no respawns

Cooperative mode only

Hosting 350 server sided missions and a host of client sided mods

Server Location - Quebec Canada

Server Status -

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{HS} -Lounge Coop- Server Info
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